Welcome to Marimont Community Church. We are a non-denominational, God-centered, Christ-exalting, Spirit-directed, Bible-teaching, Elder-led church. We believe that it is important for believers to gather for the purpose of worshiping, serving, and building up the body of Christ.  Please stop by and visit with us.

Our purpose is to bring glory and honor to God by “Reflecting Christ to a Hurting World.” As a light in our community, we endeavor to be a place of peace for those in chaos, a place of forgiveness for the guilty, and a place of hope for the hopeless.We have a traditional style of worship, filled with hymns, choruses, God-honoring prayers, and the clear, concise exposition of Scripture. The teaching and understanding of Scripture is high on our list of priorities. Through our worship, we purpose that God always be glorified, the believer purified, and the church edified.


Grab your secret decoder ring and put on your rearview mirror glasses because you are heading to the International Spy Academy where you will train to become special agents for the one true God! This exciting new Vacation Bible School program is filled with fun mysteries and Bible-based apologetics,
You will uncover the clues that lead to the one true God who is the Creator of all and who calls people from every tribe and nation to have fellowship with Him through His Son Jesus Christ.

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July 21-25